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Dependable and highly experienced recruiters with a mission to help businesses thrive.

Next One Staffing is a leader in providing executive search solutions across all industries nationwide. Our recruiters have over 20 years of combined experience across many industries so we know where to find top talent! 

We work tirelessly 24/7 to find the perfect candidate for your company. By delivering only the top three candidates, we’ll save you priceless time and make sure the position is filled quickly.

We embody our principles

Our team upholds our five fundamental values—passion, a growth-oriented mindset, accountability, empowerment, and community—through each endeavor we undertake, within our team, operations, collaborations, and the community.

We drive achievements

Our expertise guides us. We collaborate with businesses to collectively craft success through insights and resolutions that lead to lasting, attainable achievements.

We foster connections

Our aim is to cultivate enduring, constructive relationships spanning the full range of business. The way we deliver exceptional talent to our clients that matches our own criteria for workplace we’d choose for ourselves.

We embody our principles

Our team upholds our five fundamental values—passion, a growth-oriented mindset, accountability, empowerment, and community—through each endeavor we undertake, within our team, operations, collaborations, and the community.

We drive achievements

Our expertise guides us. We collaborate with businesses to collectively craft success through insights and resolutions that lead to lasting, attainable enhancements.

We foster connections

Our aim is to cultivate enduring, constructive relationships spanning diverse sectors. We unite exceptional talent with enterprises that match our own criteria for workplaces we’d choose ourselves.


The reputation we have earned among our clients and executive candidates allows us to work closely with the country’s most diverse executive and managerial talent pools.

Our team is eager to recruit and appoint the executives best qualified to catapult your business to new heights.


Ryan has worked in staffing for the last eight years. Two years ago, he took the leap to develop a firm whose mission was to elevate staffing to a professional service that treats our candidates as well as we treat our clients. He is very proud of his team and constantly seeks to celebrate their victories together while quietly learning from their losses. 

Ryan lives with his wife and daughter in Sonoma County where the company is headquartered. He enjoys numerous hobbies including golf, tennis, surfing, skiing, rock climbing, free diving, road and mountain biking, fishing and running.

“I am fortunate to work with a team of relentless Recruiters who hunt down and professionally represent the very best talent in financial and accounting industries. Our approach is simple, our Account Managers dive deep to discover the unique needs and attributes of our clients. Our Recruiting Team works tenaciously to find the very best people to meet our clients’ needs. Looking for a great employee? Let us help you find your NEXT ONE!”


Danessa is a highly experienced recruiting professional with a demonstrated history of working both locally and internationally in a wide variety of industries. She has an eye for spotting talent which is accompanied by a unique and effective way of developing others by promoting team success through individual contribution. 

A loyal and ultimate team player, Danessa values integrity and is dedicated to excellence. She displays great leadership with a go-giver attitude who does not mind sharing her keys to success by executing a carefully designed recruiting strategy. 

After work, Danessa enjoys playing the keyboard and loves to sing. She used to play gigs with her band and can play almost any type of genre. At home, she loves to relax and spend time with her family who are all musically inclined. 

What she loves about recruiting is the opportunity to continuously learn, not just to recruit but learning from candidates and clients on how they succeeded and learned in their career and how it impacted them as an individual, as part of a team, their families and loved ones. Learning these keeps her humble and understand situations on a deeper level, which helped her become a good Recruiter.

“Working for Next One encourages and challenges me to try out new things and be creative. I’m very proud of our team. They are very talented, supportive, fun to work with, open to new ideas, love sharing their knowledge and we learn as we help each other to succeed. I love the positive work environment that we have across all teams. Employees are highly valued by providing all the necessary and reliable tools for us to succeed.”


With over 24 years of experience in public and private accounting, Amy is both an advocate and an enthusiast for helping businesses thrive through strategic financial direction. Working for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large public and privately own corporations, Amy takes great care and ownership in developing sound budgets and budget practices, financial forecasting, tax law opportunity and tax law compliance as her areas of specialization. She is deeply passionate about accounting and finance, and she enjoys developing uniquely tailored solutions while using data to tell the story.

Away from work, Amy likes to get outdoors and make new discoveries with her family. It started with hiking and camping, but she is always looking for new adventures. Amy and her family are located in Boise ID where they take advantage of all four seasons.

“Working with a team of talented people with real passion is exciting. Next One Staffing is a business with intention and each person here contributes to the success of our office and our clients. We serve our clients with care and authenticity.”


As a former Team leader, Darryl makes sure that he delivers the best results.  He strives to push himself to get better. With almost 7 years of sales experience, he likes the challenge of coming up with different sales techniques and strategies.

He plays basketball, video games, and loves to cook. Basketball kept him active and competitive, video games are his go-to for downtime fun, and cooking lets him get creative and try out different things he sees online.

“Next One Staffing made me feel that it’s not just a company, but a family of goal driven Individuals that supports each and every step of the way making sure that we are one step closer in accomplishing our goal.


Persistently lighthearted and optimistic, finding appropriate solutions to every problem. Drawn to playing guitar in her younger years, she now has a strong interest in watching investigative documentaries and becomes very satisfied when things are finally coming to light. Aside from this, her bucket list is filled with travel ideas.

“Next One Staffing is a team of goal-oriented professionals with a dynamic company President and Chief Operating Officer who cultivate an enhancing and fun culture. They lend a helping hand to help their employees grow and become better every day that even small successes are recognized.”


Eubie enjoys interacting with different kinds of people and learning from them. Initiating conversations never troubled her. Eubie takes pride in her work ethic and has the ability to push herself forward and stays motivated, always choosing what’s best for her and does it in spite of challenges.

During her college years, Eubie was part of the Badminton Varsity team. She considers herself a “jack of all trades” who likes exploring and trying out new things to keep her busy. In her spare time, she enjoys journaling, painting, dancing on TikTok, fangirling over KPOP groups and spending time with her friends. In addition, she is passionate about fitness and fashion.

The world of recruiting has always been fascinating for her. Every single day is not the same but everyday is a learning experience. It’s a whirlwind of activities! Her main objective as a Recruiter is to develop solid, long-term, mutually beneficial connections with both candidates and clients, and strives to give 100% in everything that she does. What she loves most about her job is the impact it makes on people’s lives.

“Working at Next One Staffing was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I go to work motivated and inspired because everyone is professional, energetic, and fun! We all work harmoniously and our personalities fit each other like puzzle pieces. We are being trained not only to become excellent recruiters but also to become strategic leaders.”


Joe’s passions lie in both travel and art. Through traveling, he discovers adventure, embracing the opportunity to immerse himself in new places, connect with people, and learn about diverse cultures. As an art enthusiast, he channels his creativity through painting expressing of ideas and thoughts.

As the company’s Social Media Manager, he applies his skills and finds inspiration in the world of art, creating graphics, designs, and conceptualizing innovative ideas.

Recruiting creates a big impact not just on his career but also personally. He wants to help others by providing better job opportunities, making a positive impact on their lives.

“Being a part of Next One Staffing has helped me obtain my goals, and working with such an awesome team makes it so fulfilling! Having supportive leaders aiming for everyone’s growth and success is what makes this “Dream Team!”


As a former operations supervisor and freelance content writer, Jem combines organizational skills with creative communication in her role as data entry manager.

As an introvert, Jem values thoughtful interactions and deep connections, allowing her to understand and meet the needs of her team and clients with precision and care. Outside of work, she’s a dedicated musician who plays at church, where she enjoys sharing her musical talents in their community.

Jem believes that “excellence is in the details,” and this drives her commitment to accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that the project is completed to the highest standards.

“At Next One Staffing, I’ve not only achieved my goals but found joy in every step alongside this incredible team! With supportive leaders and a culture that celebrates success, it’s like being part of an unforgettable journey!”


Elizabeth maintains a quiet demeanor in social gatherings, yet in the presence of her family and friends, her voice resonates with warmth and vivacious personality. She loves to interact with people but also finds herself preferring to relax and have a moment of solitude.

Spending time with her family and immersing herself in webinars and tutorials is what she finds most fulfilling.

“Working at Next One Staffing is truly a blessing, I can cherish the opportunity to balance my professional and personal lives seamlessly. Having a harmonious relationship with my colleagues is also a plus.”


An unwavering professional dedicated to his craft and fueled by love for travel. In work, he excels with passion; in life, he seeks adventure for inspiration, enriching his creative journey.

“At Next One Staffing, dedication meets opportunity. It’s more than just a job—it’s a supportive community shaping me both personally and professionally.”


A former Quality and Assurance Training Specialist on her previous company, Ethel is someone who meticulously ensures that work standards are met and exceeded. But aside for providing quality work, she also gives her quality time to every workmate, being a trusted confidante and ally, like that of a sister and a mother.

She’s the cornerstone of the team, always ready with a comforting word, wise advise or a shoulder to lean on. Her caring nature extends beyond her duties, creating nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and understood.

“Working with Next One Staffing brings me warmth and gives me a sense of belonging that goes beyond professional obligations. It’s like having a second home where colleagues become my extended family.”


His two favorite hobbies are singing and playing basketball. He also loves going to the gym. Initially, his goal was to achieve a healthy physique, which evolved into a lifestyle. His job at Next One Staffing provides him with the perfect schedule to pursue these activities regularly.

He has worked for over a decade with various companies in different roles, and this experience and knowledge have become his strength. Through these experiences, he had the opportunity to meet many great people from whom he learned a lot.

He enjoys working as a listener and follower when working with his bosses, but when given the chance to lead, he always strives to lead the team to perform at their best.

“I am extremely grateful for Next One Staffing because the opportunity to work with the company came just in time. I appreciate the chance the company gave me to gain more experience and provide for my family. I am also thankful for the positive relationship I have with my managers. They trust me with my skills and talents, allowing me to perform to the best of my ability in my job. There is nothing more I could wish for.

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What some recent clients and candidates say about their experience with Next One Staffing!

We might be biased. Take it from our clients and candidates.

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The staff was very professional and outstanding! My experience was very positive and would recommend them.

Eli Cavazos Candidate

Next One was able to find a quality candidate in a very challenging labor market for my team because they took the time to really understand our need. Very impressed and looking forward to work with Ryan and his team some of the other management positions in my team now and in future!


A while back I met Ryan when he was a rep at a staffing company a previous employer of mine used. I had not seen him in several years but even with our limited interaction he thought of me when an opportunity opened up.


I have had such a great experience working with Ryan and the Next One Staffing team. Their professionalism and attention to detail makes my job so much easier. They have provided me top tier talent and make conversions seamless. I highly recommend Next One Staffing!

RAJ ALI Former Talent Acquisition Specialist

I have had the pleasure to work with Next One Staffing for some time now and Ryan, Danessa and Team are so easy to work with, responsive and fun. If you are looking for a staffing company to work with, let Next One Staffing be your next one!

MJ SALTER Former Talent Acquisition Manager

Next One is a staffing agency for job seekers who wants to get a job that benefits them. They are very professional when dealing with candidates and makes sure that they are well taken care of by their clients. Unlike other agencies that just leaves you after the placement, they make the relationship with their candidates a bit personal and calls you once in a while to see how you’re doing which is great!


If you’re looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable expert to work with on uncovering your key skills, establishing a vision for your career trajectory, and polishing your resume or LinkedIn page, Peng is an amazing help and resource! She was super responsive and easy to communicate with from our very first conversation and listened to my needs empathetically to help me develop the best approach to find the opportunities that most interested me. With a keen attention to detail, Peng helped me edit my resume and spruce up my LinkedIn to match extremely quickly.


I was smart enough to hire Ryan to secure staffing for our largest Wine Club Event of the year. October is an incredibly busy month for wineries and typically hard to staff, but we had the team we had was the best I have ever worked it. I look forward to working with Ryan Buxbaum and NextOne Staffing in the future.


I really appreciated the time Ryan and Peng took with me. I had a resume that was about 10 years old. They coached me on updating the information, streamlining the messaging and developing a clean, clear layout. I also took a Soft Skills test that helped to properly identify where my skills are. The time they took paid off and delivered an outstanding finished resume and presence on LinkedIn.

ROB DALY Candidate

We have been working with Next One Staffing in more than one occasion in the last year. I have been impressed by the level of professionalism and responsiveness that this company provided to us. I couldn’t be happier on how we have been supported by Next One Staffing.

Massimiliano Buiani VP Enological Process Sales
ATP Group

Homer, Danessa and Ryan showed care and concern regarding my career interests and opportunity for advancement. Their customer focus, transparency, responsiveness and professionalism are excellent attributes. In my recent career search, there were other staffing agencies assisting me; however, Next One Staffing is “golden” and I am very pleased with the outcome. Homer Danessa and Ryan, thank you for your service and assistance.

Tony Waterford Candidate

A great experience with Next One Staffing! This group of staffing professionals created an environment that I found to be welcoming as well as their knowledge in determining employment opportunities.The attention to details regarding my knowledge and skills is top-notch. Ryan and Danessa are wonderful to work with, each expressing professional enthusiasm with a focus on success. They’re amazing! I would recommend Next One Staffing to employers seeking to find all levels of staffing and those searching for employment possibilities.

Sarah Hoffer Candidate

Great and friendly staff; helped me with my job search and interviews. Every step of the way was smooth, from the initial interview to the onboarding process.

Josiah Butler Candidate

Ryan does a great job finding talented and qualified candidates for hard to fill positions.

Angie Papendick Principal

Very communicative and with you each step of the way. Worked with a handful of their team. All were easy to work with. Answered my questions and made sure I had all I needed for a smooth on boarding process.

Zechariah Jones Candidate

Next One Staffing, highly recommended! Homer is so professional and kind. He's been very patient with me and helped me through the process. Thank you for reaching out!

Joanna Rose Candidate

I highly recommend Next One Staffing. Homer Bautista reached out to me due to my experience and was able to make a great match for me professionally with a great company as their Vice President of Business Development. It was the perfect opportunity I was looking for to use my executive, entrepreneurial, sales and marketing background. Their process was seamless and Homer was very attentive and kept me up to date with the process at all times. Ryan and Danessa were also instrumental in helping make the process smooth and successful. Thank you Next One Staffing! I look forward to a bright and rewarding future in my new position.

Sabrina Wagner Candidate

Everyone at Next One Staffing was so nice to work with! They reached out to me about a new opportunity and followed up with me along every step of the way. Jose always called to check in with me after interviews and was always so kind. Ryan really helped with getting me the best offer he could and I certainly appreciate his efforts! Big thanks to Danessa, Jose and Ryan for finding me the dream job I really needed!

Apryl Warren Candidate

Next One Staffing made my job search so easy. Great communication throughout the process. Highly recommended.

Colleen Salazar Candidate

I've had the great pleasure of working with Next One Staffing for years. I cannot give high enough praise! Working in the financial services industry, I've routinely worked with Ryan and his team to find great talent that also matches our cultural needs for providing unparalleled service to our members. No matter how difficult the search, this team is committed to helping you find the right person for the right role. While there are limitless options for staffing partners, not all rise to the level of excellence, but Next One Staffing does!

William Thorn Chief People Officer
State Employees Credit Union of New Mexico

Homer was amazing and made the entire process seamless for me. I couldn't recommend Next One and Homer more highly! I love my new job and wouldn't have it if not for Homer - he's GREAT at what he does.

Kami Reep Candidate

Jopril and Homer and everyone I worked with at NextOne was incredible! Friendly, helpful, informative and truly cared about my job seeking journey! 100/10!

Juanita Crooks CANDIDATE

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Ryan did an amazing job preparing me for my interview and I nailed the job! Definitely recommend Next One Staffing to anyone seeking assistance in finding their ideal career opportunity. From my first phone call to my first day on the job everyone was very supportive and responsive to any of my needs in my job search.

Cristal Lopez Candidate

Next One Staffing is great I highly recommend them. Homer was very helpful professional and courteous.

Amber Mariani Candidate

Homer and Danessa helped me every step of the way and got me the job of my dreams!

Morgan Vaughn Candidate

I was able to get a great position thanks to Homer!

Dulce Solorio Candidate

“Impeccable recruiters! They sit with you as a job seeker to find out your skills, experience and goals; rather than just search through a resume and spam you with offers that don't have an opportunity to go through the hiring process. I was contacted through email to start, had a few phone calls, and was routed to a great opportunity. From a job seeker’s perspective, you'll be happy to work with Next One. From a hiring perspective, you'll be thrilled with the amount of diligence Next One puts into finding the right fit for a role.”


When I met Ryan, I was a Regional Manager at American AgCredit with a need to reinforce our talent pipeline. A prolonged period of rapid growth, retirements, ongoing organizational changes and a new loan origination platform caused numerous challenges to defining our team’s talent strategy. Ryan was able to understand our challenges and help us develop a thoughtful approach to our talent search. I appreciated both the volume and diversity of the pool of applicants that Ryan delivered. He did a good job understanding our needs and filtering the applicant pool for the best matches. Ryan checked in frequently and we collaborated on ideas of who to target. Also, he always shared the recent conversations he had with talent prospects. Ryan was able to deliver keen insight into the desires and needs of the potential applicants, which made for effective initial conversations for me. When we finished our engagement with Ryan, I had a strong understanding of the available talent market, and I was confident we looked under every stone. Working with Ryan was a pleasure, and his expertise and legwork made it possible for me to focus on what I do best, while still meeting our talent search goals.

Clay Popko Vice President Regional Lending Manager
American AgCredit

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