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Soft Skills: Soft skills are not things like “attention to detail” or “great multitasker.” Those terms have become clichés and are essentially meaningless. Soft skills are strengths like the ability to analyze, collaborate, persuade, strategize, learn, and adapt — to name a few. Knowing your soft skills gives a hiring manager insight into the kind of employee you will be. For example, when obstacles arise, wouldn’t it be great for your employer to know you have a talent for collaborating that could help the company team overcome adversity?

There is a plethora of personality tests online (most at no cost) that can help you identify your soft skills and how they might benefit a potential employer. We’re partial to the Predictive Index, the Disc profile, and that old standby, Myers Briggs. Of course, the tests are only as accurate as the information you enter. It should go without saying that when taking any kind of personality or soft-skills test, to get the most accurate result, you should answer as honestly as possible. Don’t try to answer as you imagine the organization wants a successful candidate to respond. What they’re looking for is who you really are and what soft skills you actually possess. Chances are, if you try to fake it, this will become clear sooner or later (probably sooner!) — and you’ll only have shot yourself in the foot.

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