• Ryan Buxbaum

Resume Pro Tip #8 (test your might)

If your job requires certifications or skills that can be tested by an objective company or software, include these test results with  your resume. This can give you an edge above other candidates.  For example, if you work as an Administrative Assistant, you need to provide test scores that highlight your typing speed, Word, Excel and Outlook knowledge. Companies may ask you to complete additional testing as part of their process, however, with you providing your own scores, they will know that you are competent and going the extra mile to prove it.  There are so many tests available it mind boggling, the software my company uses has such obscure topics like; Canadian data entry, food prep, and even tests in staffing and recruiting. We recently started testing our candidates prior to submitting them to our clients and have found great results with the hiring process. Not only does it give our candidates a competitive advantage but most tests come with a tutorial allowing our candidates to improve their score above the initial assessment.


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