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Reread the job description, then read it again: Interview questions come in three categories: critical thinking, soft skills (emotional intelligence), and technical proficiency. Most technical questions will come straight from the job description.

You may think it’s good enough to be proficient at your skill set and that you know everything there is to know about your field. However, each job description is unique and can peppered with surprises. We recently had an Accounts Receivable position and buried in the job description was that this position would also provide sales support and be responsible for trade show setup and teardown.

If we had not thoroughly prepared the candidate for the interview with a careful review of the job description, this aspect of the job would have come as a complete shock. Your mastery of the job description will not only prepare you for interview questions but also convey to the interviewer that you’re truly interested in this opportunity.

Read it twice, and your interview will be extra nice.

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