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Dependable and highly experienced recruiters with a mission to help businesses thrive.

Next One Staffing is a leader in providing executive search solutions across all industries nationwide. Our recruiters have over 20 years of combined experience across many industries so we know where to find top talent!
We work tirelessly 24/7 to find the perfect candidate for your company. By delivering only the top three candidates, we’ll save you priceless time and make sure the position is filled quickly.


We work closely with the country’s most diverse executive and managerial talent pools as we have an established reputation among our clients and leader candidates.

Our team is more than ready to recruit and appoint the most competent executives who can catapult your business to success.


Ryan has worked in staffing for the last eight years. Two years ago, he took the leap to develop a firm whose mission was to elevate staffing to a professional service that treats our candidates as well as we treat our clients. He is very proud of his team and constantly seeks to celebrate their victories together while quietly learning from their losses.
Ryan lives with his wife and daughter in Sonoma County where the company is headquartered. He enjoys numerous hobbies including golf, tennis, surfing, skiing, rock climbing, free diving, road and mountain biking, fishing and running.

“I am fortunate to work with a team of relentless Recruiters who hunt down and professionally represent the very best talent in financial and accounting industries. Our approach is simple, our Account Managers dive deep to discover the unique needs and attributes of our clients. Our Recruiting Team works tenaciously to find the very best people to meet our clients’ needs. Looking for a great employee? Let us help you find your NEXT ONE!”


Danessa is a highly experienced recruiting professional with a demonstrated history of working both locally and internationally in a wide variety of industries. She has an eye for spotting talent which is accompanied by a unique and effective way of developing others by promoting team success through individual contribution.
A loyal and ultimate team player, Danessa values integrity and is dedicated to excellence. She displays great leadership with a go-giver attitude who does not mind sharing her keys to success by executing a carefully designed recruiting strategy.
After work, Danessa enjoys playing the keyboard and loves to sing. She used to play gigs with her band and can play almost any type of genre. At home, she loves to relax and spend time with her family who are all musically inclined.
What she loves about recruiting is the opportunity to continuously learn, not just to recruit but learning from candidates and clients on how they succeeded and failed in their career and how it impacted them as an individual, as part of a team, their families and loved ones. Learning these keeps her humble and understand situations on a deeper level, which helped her become a good Recruiter.

“Working for Next One encourages and challenges me to try new things out and be creative. I’m very proud of our team. They are very talented, supportive, fun to work with, open to new ideas, love sharing their knowledge and we learn as we help each other to succeed. I love the positive work environment that we have across all teams. Employees are highly valued by providing all the necessary and reliable tools for us to succeed.”


Homer is an adventurous guy with a good sense of humor, you’ll never hear him scream when riding a roller coaster and your go to guy if you need someone to hold your hand if you want to try cliff diving. He loves talking about Survivor and BTS over a cup of coffee. Yes, he is a huge BTS fan! Listening to their songs is one way to keep him sane. If you love singing and you need a soprano, bass, alto or tenor, Homer can definitely help you with that. Homer believes that we shouldn’t just dream for success, we got to make it happen!
Homer finds recruiting to be fulfilling by helping candidates find what’s best for their professional growth and helping them pursue their success.

“Inclusivity, growth, and having a ‘people-first culture’ are the things I can brag about my Next One family — a family, indeed! Being beyond grateful is an understatement to describe working with Next One Staffing.”


Persistently lighthearted and optimistic, finding appropriate solutions to every problem.
Drawn to playing guitar in her younger years, she now has a strong interest in watching investigative documentaries and becomes very satisfied when things are finally coming to light. Aside from this, her bucket list is filled with travel ideas.
Recruiting is a new challenge she has taken on and enjoying it so far! For Jhoanna, recruiting doesn’t stop by just asking potential candidates about their work experience and screening through resumes – it’s also about listening to how people get to where they are right now which makes it very inspiring and motivating.

“Next One Staffing is a team of goal-oriented professionals with a dynamic company President and VP of Recruiting who cultivate an enhancing and fun culture. They lend a helping hand to help their employees grow and become better every day that even small successes are recognized!”


Known by the team as “Jomz” is a fun, laid back type of guy who likes old movies, music, basketball, online games and watching TV series. He also plays the drums and likes to chill at home rather than going out. Jomz has a great sense of humor and uses it to lighten up our meetings and gets everybody in a good mood.
What he likes about recruiting is the feeling of fulfillment when helping candidates land a job and giving them an opportunity to grow and possibly better their lives.

“Working with Next One Staffing is the best! My colleagues are fun and very professional and the management team is truly awesome and accommodating. Next One Number One!”


Eubie enjoys interacting with different kinds of people and learning from them. Initiating conversations never troubled her. Eubie takes pride in her work ethic and has the ability to push herself forward and stays motivated, always choosing what’s best for her and does it in spite of challenges.
During her college years, Eubie was part of the Badminton Varsity team. She considers herself a “jack of all trades” who likes exploring and trying out new things to keep her busy. In her spare time, she enjoys journaling, painting, dancing on TikTok, fangirling over KPOP groups and spending time with her friends. In addition, she is passionate about fitness and fashion.
The world of recruiting has always been fascinating for her. Every single day is not the same but everyday is a learning experience. It’s a whirlwind of activities! Her main objective as a Recruiter is to develop solid, long-term, mutually beneficial connections with both candidates and clients, and strives to give 100% in everything that she does. What she loves most about her job is the impact it makes on people’s lives.

“Working at Next One Staffing was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I go to work motivated and inspired because everyone is professional, energetic, and fun! We all work harmoniously and our personalities fit each other like puzzle pieces. We are being trained not only to become excellent recruiters but also to become strategic leaders.”


Jean values time management both at work and at home. She also appreciates work life balance as she loves making time for the things she is passionate about like reading novel books, writing poetry and playing online games.
What she loves about recruiting is it grants her a role in people’s lives, giving her the ability to give them chances at finding or discovering better job opportunities.

“I will forever be grateful for being a part of Next One Staffing for their marvelous management and for working with magnificent and fun colleagues that never failed to motivate me!”


Joe is passionate about travel and art. Travelling is where he finds adventure because he gets to learn about new places, people and cultures. As an art lover, painting is his way of expressing new thoughts and ideas.
Recruiting creates a big impact not just on his career, but also on a personal level because he loves helping people improve their current situation by providing better job opportunities.

“Being a part of Next One Staffing helped me obtain my goals and working with such an awesome team makes it so fulfilling!”

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