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Resume Pro Tip #2 (Metrics)
August 13, 2020 at 11:00 PM
by Ryan Buxbaum
Charting Goals and Progress

While people in Sales jobs regularly show metrics on their resumes, an application to almost any position can benefit from sharing accomplishments or goals met.

If you are an Accounts Payable Specialist, how many invoices did you process every week in your previous or current job? If you’re a Receptionist, how many phone calls did you answer per day? An HR managers might share how many people they onboarded per year and what was their employee retention rate was?

Metrics give the hiring managers quantifiable numbers to help them evaluate your previous performance and hopefully give them some insight into your likely future performance.

Quick note: if you include metrics in your resume make sure they are accurate and honest. They are very easy to check-- that is to verify or disprove.