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Contact Information: You’ve worked hard on your resume and everything looks great, but when it’s time to set up an interview your contact information is either missing or hard to find. Last week we were looking for a candidate’s phone number and couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, one of our recruiters noticed that it was in a watermark between work experience and education. Another few seconds of frustration and this candidate would have missed getting an interview. Forgetting to show your contact info altogether is even worse. It would be like writing a book report in high school and failing to put your name on it.

Make sure your contact information is clear and at the top of your resume. It should give your name, address, phone number, and email address. We should also point out that a professional email address also plays a role in landing a job. [email protected] might have been fun in high school, and you can still use it with friends, but for a job search your email should be simple and professional — like “[email protected]

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Hot Tip for Job Applicants — How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

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