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Have It Proofread — or Hire a Pro: Here’s another tip that may seem obvious. You want this document — which presents all your work, education, and accomplishments — to look perfect. Unfortunately, candidates are usually in a rush to either update their resume or create a new one, and they make mistakes.

Our favorite story about spelling mistakes is from when we had a legal secretary candidate who misspelled “detail-oriented” in her list of skills. Misspelling this particular “detail” may have been why she had such a hard time getting interviews.

Hiring managers looking for great candidates start by looking for great resumes. Often, the person who’s written the resume can’t see the errors. It’s entirely natural. Your brain usually sees what you intended to write; it skips right past mistakes.

A good rule of thumb is to have 2-3 people review your resume and make corrections. Others will see it much more clearly than you. Another option is have a service create a resume for you. Resume writing companies usually employ the best and brightest in the recruiting industry to craft resumes that they have seen be effective time and time again. Professional resume writing can be expensive ($200-$900), but it can go a long way to get your foot in the door to your dream job.

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Hot Tip for Job Applicants — How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

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