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Resume Pro Tip #10 (past jobs in past tense)
August 13, 2020 at 11:00 PM
by Ryan Buxbaum
Resume Pro Tip #10 (past jobs in past tense)

This might seem minor, but hiring managers scrutinize every detail when comparing resumes. If you list jobs where you used to work and describe them in the present tense, it says you are not professional enough to focus on the details, that your written communication skills are questionable — and potentially even that you don’t know the difference between things that should be discussed in present vs. past tense.

All your previous positions and every activity you did in those jobs should be described in the past tense. Only your present job and the activities and tasks you are currently doing should be in the present tense. This may sound like a simple, no-brainer tip, but we see it on resumes all.the.time.