• Ryan Buxbaum

Resume Pro Tip # 6 (Keep it to two)

No longer than two pages: Remember that HR managers/ Directors are extremely busy people and may only have one or two hours a day to review a stack of resumes. If your resume is 3-15 pages long it could be thrown out just for taking up too much of their time. If a candidate drones on and on with a 10 page resume, they may be seen as an employee with the same habit. Organizations do not want employees that waste resources, time, or materials. Work hard to distill your resume down the the essential skill and talents that will give you an advantage in your chosen industry. HR managers are trying to find the best match for the position they are hiring for, as quickly as possible. They don't want to waste time connecting the dots between skills in one section and work history in another. One thing that makes resumes artificially long is extensive fancy formatting. Don't lean on gimmicks to make your resume stand out. If you do, it will be standing out for the wrong reason. A basic format should have the summery at the top, followed by a bulleted skill section, work history below that, and education at the bottom. Unless you work for NASA this should all fit on one to two pages.


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