• Ryan Buxbaum

Resume Pro Tip #15 (fonts, headshots, and formats)

Fonts:  Some candidates think of different resume fonts as a chance for them to express their unique personality or illustrate how different and quirky they are. Comic book sans does not make your resume stand out for the right reason nor does Papyrus. Imagine being an HR Director reviewing  tens or hundreds of resumes at a time, flipping from one resume to the next, the cute fonts will not be appreciated. Your resume may  be trashed for being hard to read or look at and not aligning with the industry standard. If your resume does not fit with the organizations standard and image they are trying to project, you may not be given the chance to show how you as a person are a good candidate to be part of that organization. 

Headshots:  More and more often we see candidates putting their headshots on the top of their resumes.  It used to be that only candidates from other countries had their picture in the top corner, now young job seekers feel that their picture will help them be more amiable and relatable.  In reality some companies cannot even consider candidates that include pictures on resumes because it may imply they are discriminating or favoring candidates based on how they look. 

 Formatting.  In MS Office there are tons of different artsy formats to choose from, but the best format is simple.  Contact info at the top, next a summary, followed by skills, awards or achievements, a detailed work history, followed by education.   No need to have each section in clockwise oriented boxes or hexagons.  Keep it clear and simple. 


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