• Ryan Buxbaum

Resume Pro Tip #11 (Soft Skills)

Soft Skills: Soft skills are not “attention to detail” or “ great multitasker.” Those terms have become cliché and mean essentially nothing.  Soft skills are the ability to: analyze, collaborate, persuade, strategize, learn, and adapt to name a few.  There are a plethora of personality tests online (most at no cost) that can help illustrate for you what your soft skills are, and how they would benefit a potential employer. Soft skills give a hiring manager insight into the kind of employee you will be.  For example, when things are difficult, wouldn't it be great to know you have a collaborator on your team to work together and overcome adversity. We are partial to the Predictive Index, the Disc profile, or the old standby Myers Briggs.    Of course the tests are only as accurate as the information is entered into to the test by you.  It should go without saying that when taking any kind of personality or soft skills test that you answer as candidly as possible to get the most accurate result. It is important to not answer as you would think the organization would want because what they are looking for exactly who you really are and what real soft skills you possess.  See More from ryan buxbaum


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