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Interview Pro Tip #1

Consider A Sales Mindset:

So you’ve paid a talented recruiter to craft the very best, super succinct resume. You’ve  sent it to every open position that you think you are perfect for and maybe a few that you are willing to give a shot. Finally, you get a call from a talent acquisition manager from your very favorite company to set up your first interview.  Now what how do you make sure your get the job?  How do you annihilate the interview?   Lets face facts, no matter what type of work you do, whether you're medical coding or a VP, you are selling. Selling your talent, time, blood sweat and tears in exchange for money that this company (your favorite company) will provide in the form of salary, benefits, or stock options.  Like a sales cycle you have just completed the first stage, prospecting.  Now you’ve received a call to make a sales presentation.  This is your chance to close this company on why you are the very best option for them to invest their money.  If you look at this from a sales prospective you won’t make rookie mistakes that candidates make all the time.  In this next series we’ve selected 20 tips to help you crush the interview and get your new career. 

#1Do Your Homework 

Lets continue to run with this sales analogy.  Imagine that you are a salesman attempting to sell copiers or software to a large company.  You wouldn’t just walk into an office and say, "what is it you do guys do here?"  You would spend time researching the organization and product. This kind of homework prior to a sales presentation will prepare you to sell the right product to the customer, overcome objections, and CLOSE them.  Similarly, before your first interview research everything you can find about the organization, what are their main revenue streams, and who are the key leaders.  We want you to start looking up press releases, and possible review the linkedIn profiles of the Hiring managers you are meeting with. Look for connections on this platform as you may find you have friends (or friendly acquaintances) and experiences in common that you can use to quickly establish rapport with your interviewer.  Your knowledge of the company and what it does will translates to interest in this position and help you with tough interview questions like "why do you want to work here?"


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