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Adopt a Sales Mindset: So you’ve paid a talented recruiter to craft a super-attractive resume. You’ve sent it to every open position you think you’re perfect for and a few that you’re willing to give a shot. Finally, a talent acquisition manager from your favourite company calls to set up your first interview.

Now, how do you make sure you get the job? How do you crush the interview?

Start by facing facts. No matter what the job, whether it’s medical coding or a VP position, you are selling. Selling yourself — your talent, experience, energy, and time plus blood, sweat and tears — in exchange for money in the form of salary, benefits, and/or stock options. You’ve just completed the prospecting stage of the sales cycle. Now you have to make a sales presentation — a pitch. This is your chance to show this company why investing their money in you is their best option.

If you look at this from a sales perspective, you won’t make the rookie mistakes that candidates do all the time. In this series we’ve selected 20 tips to help you crush the interview and get started in your new career.

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